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20 May 2009 @ 11:47 am
Six Questions with Erika Bolin  
Six Questions with...
Erika Bolin, Producer and Writer

1. How has MS changed your life?

How hasn’t it? I have slowed down and have taken a look at what has to be, what I want to be, and what is. I made some changes – all for the best – and I am now thriving again.

2. What is the most important thing you’ve learned since your diagnosis?

I must speak up for myself and learn to be my own advocate. But equally important, I also learned to ask for and accept help.

3. How have you found support?

Luckily I love to do research. I found the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (among others). Through the foundation I discovered a reading library, a grant program, and a device program. I have been overwhelmed with the help they’ve given me I have come to realize I am not alone – even if my family is three states away.

4. What is the best coping tip you’ve picked up?

I am a huge dog lover. I read or heard somewhere live with MS fatigue properly you should think like a dog. Play then nap. Play then nap. And I would add, eat a well balance meal for your breed (LOL), drink plenty of water and not too many treats!

5. What is your favorite MS- or health-related website?

I have no one MS portal I go to. My favorite site is Pogo.com. It is a free game site I use medicinally (LOL). I believe in keeping my brain active. With all the choices, I can play as my mind is able. Just pop balloons or a game of team cards! My brain keeps firing up and on.

6. This is the bonus question! What question would you like to ask our readers?

What’s your biggest fear about being diagnosed with MS?

Your answer?

Many think their lives are over when first hearing they have Multiple Sclerosis. This is not a death sentence and progression is different for all. By becoming adaptable and flexible you can still have a great life! You can’t change the diagnosis, but you can also make sure it doesn’t change you: the inner you. Grieve, get mad, get sad, then meet back up and notice the sunset is still really beautiful – even if you now need help to get out and see it.

Let's hear your answers now - What's your biggest fear?

P.S. to people who came over from other sites: You can still join the discussion! Our blog supports openID (meaning if you have a blog on another site, you can probably use that to sign in as an openID commenter) or you can comment anonymously.
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